Can You Top A Plant Too Early?

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Topping a marijuana tree is a skill that you should learn to increase its growth rate and spread its canopy. It is an extremely popular training method that has been shown to significantly increase yields per plant. Topping is a high-stress method of training. You are cutting off the main shoot to allow for multiple growths. The plant must be able and willing to take the pressure. Otherwise, your growth will stagnate.

Before you top your cannabis plants, they need to have a stronger root system. They will not grow as fast if there are fewer than four nodes. Then let the plant reach at least four and then top off at the second node. It is best to start topping when the plant has reached 6 nodes. Next, you will cut the plant at the 3rd root. This height allows the roots to take hold and can withstand the stress of topping. The plant will only suffer the stress of topping if it is healthy and strong at its roots. The nutrients reach the growth tips faster, so the plant heals quicker and can pick up new growth quickly.

The Risks of Topping Too Soon

You won’t reap the benefits if you start too early. These are some of your problems.

1. Stunted Growth

Here are some obvious signs that stunted growth is a problem. It can endanger the plant’s health and cause you to make poor decisions that will further damage the plant. Some plants do not grow from the initial topping. It might appear green and healthy, but it will not grow. It may take several weeks for them to grow again.

2. Low Yield

It can take several weeks for growth to begin if you top your plant too soon before it’s strong enough for it. You should stick to the timeframe as the plant may not have enough time for the buds to fatten.

3. The Plant May Be Hermie

Stress can sometimes lead to the worst reactions in cannabis plants depending on genetics. With prolonged stress from topping, some strains may become hermaphrodites before the root system develops enough. Topping is rarely a good idea for healthy plants. When the topping is done too soon and the plants are under groomed, hermaphrodites can occur. The plant’s defense mechanism will react to subsequent toppings far more severely if it is exposed to topping stress sooner. A female cannabis plant can experience stress that could affect its natural reproduction cycle. The hermies will pollinate all of your plants if they aren’t caught early enough.

4. The Cuts Make the Plant More Explicit to Pathogens

Healthy plants heal faster when you give them the right treatment. If the wounds are not sealed up quickly, bugs can get into the wounds and draw the plant’s sap. The plant’s wound after topping can be an entry point to pathogens that can bypass the defenses of its outer shell. The time taken to heal wounds increases the chance of pathogen attacks and bugs. The more time the wound is left open, the more susceptible your plant will be to infection.

Can you top a marijuana plant multiple times?

Your plant may be topped multiple times. The plant will begin to branch out from the main stalk and generate side branches after being top for the first time. The grow tent can be expanded to maximize the side branches’ exposure to light as they continue to grow. Knowing when to top cannabis plants or the best ways to carry out this activity are essential because the topping is a high-stress training technique that must be performed properly.

Give your plants enough time to heal and then you can top them again. The vegetative phase of a plant’s life will be longer if it is topped. It needs to heal so that the new shoots can grow. It takes longer for your plant to mature if it is topped multiple times. You increase the time it takes for your plant to mature by topping it more than once. This means that your growing project will take more time than you expected. Consider nutrients and timelines.

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