International Education: Value and Importance

International education was created for students and scholars who need to study abroad because they are unable to go to school in their country. This includes scholars from different countries who are visiting for research purposes, educators who are teaching in other countries, community-based volunteers, and others involved in service-learning. Academics are an important priority

How to Make a Change in Education Access This Year

Around 659million live under extreme poverty in the world. Many of these individuals suffer from malnutrition, excessive work, and despair due to a lack financial resources. Many families remain stuck in poverty for generations because they lack the financial means to make changes. Many people in poverty are not only found in poor countries, but also first-world countries

 Ways To Make Paying For College Easier

Every year, more that 180,000 New Zealand students apply to colleges and universities. Each student will have a question. However, if your answer is yes, then you will be confused and may reconsider your plans to go to college. It doesn’t mean you have to abandon your academic dreams. Here are some ways students can deal with their

Sapphire Medical Clinics launches education platform

Sapphire Medical Clinics announces the launch of its patient-focused educational service within the SapphireInstitute for Medical Cannabis Educational. It is the group’s CPD accredited training platform for healthcare workers. Multi-award-winning Sapphire Medical Clinics registered the UK’s first Care Quality Commission CQC and Healthcare Improvement Scotland HIS clinics. Sapphire today announced the expansion and creation of educational resources